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Homecoming 5K




In Ithaca

The Homecoming 5K drew a hearty crowd to the F.R. Newman Arboretum Saturday, September 24. Proceeds will benefit the United Way of Tompkins County.

The top female finishers are Annie Geiger '19 (21:42), Annie Kearney '18 (22:43), and Kristen Cronheim '10 (23:37). The top three male finishers are Alex Ciampaglia '20 (17:54), Matthew Caffrey '19 (17:57), and Nicolas Templiel (Associate Professor, Mathematics, 18:04).

Women's winners from left: Kristen Cronheim '10 (23:37), Annie Geiger '19 (21:42), Annie Kearney '18 (22:43)


Nicolas Templiel (Associate Professor, Mathematics, 18:04), Alex Ciampaglia '20 (17:54), Matthew Caffrey '19, (17:57)

Virtual 5K

Congratulations to the Virtual 5K winners! They will soon receive a Cornell 5K shirt.

Rose Crowell '10

Ana Gordan '98

Virtual 5k for #CornellHomecoming. Just did the Lone Gull 10k in Gloucester...two 5k's so that should count

A photo posted by Ana Gordan (@ana_banana_gordana) on

Scott Hatherley '97

Benjamin Kile '92

Virtual 5K in the books this morning! #cornellhomecoming

A photo posted by @benjykile on

Sarah Menass '07

Save the date!

October 20-21, 2017


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